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Lots of Luvn Pet Care

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training


Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care LLC uses only humane dog training techniques. Clicking, praise, treats and toys are the rewards that result in desired behavior. No "old fashion" techniques are used. Consistent positive reinforcement training establishes confidence while building a relationship of trust that bonds dogs and their humans.

Obedience - Basic commands are either introduced or re-enforced for a reliable response.

Behavior Modification - With proper technique and establishment of a customized program, issues can be managed and dealt with in a positive way. This type of training is the easiest way to reverse bad behavior and replace with good behavior.

Lots of Luv 'N performs Training Consultations in the comfort of your home. Training in your home helps us identify potential problem areas that may be overlooked by the family.

Please fill out our training consultation form and Lots of Luv 'N will reply to you within 24 hours Monday - Friday, to set up an appointment and discuss options.

Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care LLC is licensed and insured.

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