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Lots of Luvn Pet Care

Obedience Dog Training - Positive Reinforcement


Private consultations are done in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your home. Lots of Luv 'N will counsel you on the best ways to deal with puppy-hood for a positive relationship. Lots of Luv 'N wll also guide you through the transitions puppies make until maturity.

Obedience - Basic commands are either introduced or re-enforced for a reliable response. Lots of Luv 'N teaches you how to train your dog, and how to continue to teach new behaviors.

Please fill out our training consultation form and Lots of Luv 'N will reply to you within 24 hours Monday - Friday, to set up an appointment and discuss options. Lots of Luv'N Pet Care recommends that your furry friend starts learning at 8 weeks of age. Be prepared for the learning stages!

Phone consultations with use of web cam are also available with a prior appointment.

Please note that Lots of Luv 'N will not sell you packaged training. Each session is geared to you and your pup and you can learn at your own speed.

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