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Lots of Luvn Pet Care

Pet Sitting


Lots of Luv 'N will come to your home, let out, feed, walk, and play with your pets. Cat box scooping is provided on each visit along with newspaper retrieval, plant watering, etc. Lots of Luv 'N will also rotate lights, check faucets for leaks and perform a general security check. The number of visits will depend on your needs.

For puppies under 18 months, and for older dogs (10+), Lots of Luv 'N recommends 3 visits daily. No more than 12 hour intervals are ever recommended unless your dog(s) have indoor/outdoor access at all times. Other animals may require different arrangements.

Lots of Luv 'N can customize services to your and your furry ones needs. Some dogs do well with a 1/2 hour visit, but then others (multi- family households) may need 1 hour visits or 1/2 hour in am and 1 hour in the evening. The 1 hour visits include longer walks or play time.

Please use our contact form to email us for special pricing and to arrange for a complimentary meet and greet!

Still not sure what you need? Lots of Luv N would love to meet with you to help decide what is best for your furry friends.

Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care LLC is licensed and insured by CNA Insurance.

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