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Lots of Luvn Pet Care

Tired Dogs are Happy Dogs!

About this picture:
Ben stayed with Lots of Luv 'N while his parents traveled. Ben had a blast with Charlie and Humphrey hiking and playing all day, everyday, with Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care. This picture was taken at 7 pm and as you can see, Ben is exhausted. YAY, what a great day!
June 2009

We provide pet sitting, dog handling and training to ensure your family lots of purrs and wags!

locLots of Luv 'N Pet Care LLC specializes in Positive Reinforcement Training techniques while working with our friends regardless of the activity we are engaged in. So if you've hired us for pet sitting services , we incorporate training and handling techniques to ensure that when we say good-bye it’s always a positive “until next time” with a lot of purrs and wags!

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