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BikerDog Run - For athletic dogs


BikerDog is designed for dogs that want to run!

To qualify for BikerDog runs your dog needs to be 40-85 lbs (Medium or Large Harness size) and be in good physical condition.

Lots of Luv'N Pet Care will harness your pup with a special attachment on a Lots of Luv' N mountain bike, then run on streets, off road, thru parks or trails, or anywhere its safe for your dog.

The run can be a very fast paced run or a slower, but consistent walk / trot. This is great exercise for those that don't tire easily!

Please note that the runs also include potty breaks, water breaks and a cool down period for safety. This service is only available when conditions are safe as determined by Lots of Luv'N. If conditions are not safe, then Lots of Luv'N will do a walk or a hike instead.

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