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Lyons Recorder (June 9/2011) – Announcing LLDTC

loc Puppies and dogs alike are wagging their tails in Lyons!

Lots of Luv’N Dog Training Center LLC located in Lyons, Colorado, will soon be providing Puppy I, Puppy II, and Adult Dog training classes.

Puppy I is for pups that are 12 -18 weeks of age. The training curriculum is extensive and comprises bite inhibition, socialization to people and other dogs, temperament training, behavior problem counseling, and manners. Class priorities are teaching bite inhibition (soft mouth), socialization (especially to children), and basic manners. All training interludes are embedded in off-leash play. At this young age, puppies can safely socialize together off-leash, and learn from each other. Socialization is the foundation of a well adapted adult dog.

Puppy II off-leash classes are for Puppy I graduates, and are for pups up to 2 years of age. In Puppy II classes, dogs and their owners learn higher level off-leash obedience, especially distance control, emergency sits/downs, stays with heavy distractions, walking on loose leash, precise heeling, placement commands (such as: “go to your mat and sit down.”) All training interludes are embedded in off-leash play.

Adult I classes are intended for quiet, friendly dogs between 18 weeks and 2 years of age. Basic manners are the focus in Adult I. The syllabus for the class includes controlling the dog’s energy and enthusiasm, capturing the dog’s attention, and increasing the reliability of responses.

Youth is a crucial development phase in your dog's life, and your investment in training will be rewarded through better behavior! To enjoy a life of happiness, all pups will benefit greatly from the skills they will learn in Puppy I, Puppy II, and Adult I.

Since its founding in November of 2002, Kat-dog of Lots of Luv ‘N Pet Care LLC has continued to expand her knowledge in positive-reinforcement dog training. With the addition and training of Amy Neener of Pinewood Springs, and Matt Hughey of Lyons, Lots of Luv 'N continues to expand. Most recently, Kat-dog attended Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling): How Dog Training Transcends Learning Theory, as well as Dr. Dunbar’s SIRIUS® Dog Training Academy.

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