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Serving Colorado in Estes Park, Lyons, Longmont, Boulder & nearby communities
Pet Care, Pet Sitting Services, Dog Training, Dog Walks, Dog Hikes, Dog Runs, Dog Handling & Pet Chauffeuring for Weddings as well as Home Security Services.

Lots of Luvn Pet Care

Kat-dog B. Drake - Lots of Luv'N Pet Care LLC - Owner,Trainer, Pet Care Specialist


A personal note from Kat-dog

Unfortunately, in November 2008, we lost Thunder (Lots of Luv Ns poster child) to Lymphoma at the age of 7. He was diagnosed in late July and we started chemo and natural healing methods in August. We were hopeful that Thunder would continue to enjoy a full life of hikes and family fun. In September 2008, Bill and I got married in Lyons' Meadow Park. Thunder and Charlie gave Bill and I away. Thunder was my best man and I was so proud of him!

Thunder and I shared many adventures and memories. He was a great teacher and mentor and, if it wasnt for Thunder, Lots of Luv N would not exist today. He taught patience, kindness, and unconditional love, always with a free spirit, never to be broken. These traits are those I admire and strive to maintain in my business.

Since founding Lots of Luv N Pet Care LLC, Kat-dog has been working with animals full time, dedicating herself to the best, humane and natural care possible. Kat has studied Positive Reinforcement Training, Canine Behavior and language, Conventional and Holistic Diets and Natural Pet Care.

A cornerstone of Kat's perspective is that diet and training go hand in hand, and both are important in eliminating behavioral issues. Kat-dog continually expands her knowledge in training, nutrition, including Tellington Touch and other techniques used holistically to benefit companion animals.

Kat-dog lives with her 5 furry kids, Thunder (in spirit), Humphrey, Charlie, Boo, Yahoo, Tiggie and her husband Bill.

Kat-dog is looking forward to working with you and your furry friends with Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Walks and Hikes and mid day Potty Breaks. Kat-dog will also assist you in a plan for Home Security checks while you and your family are traveling (with or without your furry ones).

"The light within me honors the light within you."

Kat-dog B Drake