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Serving Colorado in Estes Park, Lyons, Longmont, Boulder & nearby communities
Pet Care, Pet Sitting Services, Dog Training, Dog Walks, Dog Hikes, Dog Runs, Dog Handling & Pet Chauffeuring for Weddings as well as Home Security Services.

Lots of Luvn Pet Care

Estes Park Colorado -- in our backyard

loc If you live here, you know panoramic views are easy to find. But reliable pet care is a different matter. Did you know Lots of Luv 'N has been in the Estes Park area for nearly a decade? read more...

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Pet care services for special animals and their discerning people

There is nothing but Lots of Luv 'N here!
Our mission is to go beyond typical pet sitting services by incorporating dog training, exercise, and love. We ensure your furry friends are happy and cared for. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional services.

Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care LLC was established in November 2002 by Kat-dog B. Drake (formally Caruso) and Thunder. We are licensed and insured. Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care has always been committed to providing only the best care for animals.
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Explore our Customer Testimonials for first-hand stories concerning pet handling, dog training and even handling services for your pet at weddings and other events.

locThrough the years we have met so many wonderful and compassionate people with the best furry friends! Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care would like to dedicate this site to Thunder and all of our other furry friends that will always remain shining brightly in our memories.

So come scratch, sniff, wag and purr your way around our site and enjoy. Here at Lots of Luv 'N, we look forward to creating new memories with your furry friends every day!

"The light within me honors the light within you."

Kat-dog B. Drake
Lots of Luv 'N Pet Care LLC.